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  1. Hi,

    I found the article on implementing equals() and hashCode() methods very useful. Thank you very much for throwing light on these fundamental java topics. I think this is the best blog article that I have read on this topic – very crisp, clear and highlights the important aspects to keep in mind while implementing these methods.

    Hope to read many more such useful articles from you.

  2. very good content..
    especially E-Mailing through Java Program, but it didnt solved one of my burning problem.
    Can you use a unlaut ( û ) and try yo attach a mail ?
    like c:\some thing û .msg ?
    we get a file not found exception….

  3. tried //FileDataSource fds = new FileDataSource(MimeUtility.encodeText( filename));// not helping same exception as cart prod
    //FileDataSource fds = new FileDataSource(filename);
    //DataSource fds = new ByteArrayDataSource(filename, “application/octet-stream”); // file name is wierd!!!
    DataSource fds = new URLDataSource(new URL(“file:///”+(MimeUtility.encodeText( filename)).replace(‘+’, ‘ ‘) ));

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